Research Program

We are committed to the advancement of regenerative medicine.

Cellutions is committed to both clinical research, and the advancement of regenerative medicine. We partner with Cell Surgical Network; a global organization that helps unite credentialed physicians who use the same sterile-closed surgical procedure that processes fat from a patient’s own source of regenerative cells. Cell Surgical Network shares Cellutions’ passion for this work, and allow our practice and patients the ability to add consequentially to the scientific knowledge base in clinical stem cell treatments.

Cell Surgical Network helps facilitate the collection of data from our worldwide affiliate centers to share data, as well as clinical experiences to help each other achieve higher levels of scientific understanding of this field, and optimize medical care.

All patients who are looking for non-surgical options to their degenerative disorders have the choice to participate in our trials. This requires filling out a simple treatment application in order to determine if they are candidates.



THIS NOTICE MUST BE PROVIDED TO YOU UNDER WASHINGTON LAW. This health care practitioner performs one or more stem cell therapies that have not yet been approved by the United States food and drug administration. You are encouraged to consult with your primary care provider prior to undergoing a stem cell therapy.