Professional athletes are, by reason of the very physical career they have chosen, heavily invested in their bodies. After all it’s that very body, combined with their dogged determination, that got them where they are.

Once they enter the fields or courses of the big leagues, even though there is a team of professionals around them who will try and protect the franchise player to some degree, they really are on their own to protect their most valuable asset – a well-functioning body (and mind, in the case of Football where concussions and brain damage are common).

It is also obvious to most players that surgery is a one way trip that will get them placed on the bench and on an “injured reserve” list, with the remainder of their career in question.

However – where there is a problem, a solution is bound to appear.

Enter stem cell therapy. More and more athletes are trusting the concept of allowing their own bodies to heal and mend their injuries by taking courageous steps in exploring modern stem cell therapies.

AS mentioned in another blog post, one of the Green bay Packers new players from the Seattle Seahawks – Jimmy Graham, recently returned from a cell therapy program in the UK utilizing just EV’s (extracellular vesicles), with NO direct injections into his ailing knee, rather a simple IV of EV’s. In his own words he remarked about his status as “feeling great”.

He went on to say that after the therapy he had gone on to watch a movie. Afterwards, as he stood up to go, he felt no knee pain at all – which had not the case just prior.  Over a year has gone by now and he’s still pain free.  Time will tell if it’s only the anti-inflammatory effect or some kind of true healing that took place.  But more and more of these kinds of stories can move one to become a “believer” in the therapy, especially since it simply makes so much sense when you study the science behind it.

The good news is that extracting and isolating the body’s own healing cells called stem cells is increasingly being utilized as an alternative to surgery and for good reason.  It’s working and the overall impact to the body (no EXTRA healing required for cuts and incisions onto muscle or tendons) is remarkable and hard to ignore!

You can check out the list here (Courtesy Cade Hildreth of BioInformant) of the latest list of professional athletes who have gone on to choose stem cell treatments over surgery, in order to heal their injuries.

Original blog piece was written by Dr. Bean of and reproduced with permission.