Recent research and studies have shown that stem cells and other progenitor cells – concentrated as SVF or Stromal Vascular Fraction from the patients fat after a mini-liposuction – have the potential to radically alter the way patients are treated following a heart attack, stroke, angina, or heart failure. [ Repairing the heart with stem cells – ]

Other attempts at stem cell therapy have also shown to be beneficial as well.  But the greatest concentration of these regenerative cells and stem cells are found in the fat derived stromal vascular fraction.

Experts say initial findings suggest those who have suffered crippling heart failure can go on to lead normal lives.

Dr John Hung, a cardiology specialist working on the trials in Edinburgh, said that because anyone can have the treatment it has the potential to save huge numbers of lives and at the same time slash the NHS bill for the future care of heart failure patients. [ ]

He added: “We think about one in five people who survive a major heart attack are likely to benefit from the therapy, and this could mean hundreds of thousands in the UK or many millions across the world.

“There should also be healthcare savings from the reduced costs for medication, ongoing treatment and recurrent hospitalizations.”

One patient who was given a 50-50 chance of surviving five years after suffering a major heart attack, because of the damage it caused, has spoken of his gratitude of being given the radical treatment.

One patient called Bill [not his real name for anonymity], now has almost normal heart function and he believes he has been given a second chance at life.

Original blog piece was written by Dr. Bean of and reproduced with permission.